Avion Water Company Inc. Construction Specifications are the design standards for all facilities within the Avion Water Co. Service Territory. These Construction Specifications apply to all infrastructure which will ultimately be owned and operated by Avion Water Company Inc. This update has been approved by the Avion Water Company Inc. Engineering Department.

To be used in conjunction with Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR'S) for Drinking Water. OAR 333-061-0050


Avion Water Design Manual 


Avion Water Development Process Guidelines


Avion Construction Specifications



Specification Drawings


3/4" and 1" Meter Installation

3/4" and 1" Water Service Tap

1 1/2" and 2" Meter Installation

1 1/2" and 2" Water Service Tap

3" and 4" Meter Installation

Fire Hydrant Details

Fire Hydrant Pad Details

Fire Hydrant and Sample Station Combination Pad

Fire Line

Air Relief - Standard

2" Blowoff Assembly

4" and 6" Blowoff  Assembly

Sample Station - Standard

Full Separation Chlorination

General Trench Detail