Getting ready for winter
Winterization- Every year customers in Central Oregon experience problems due to improper winterization of their home and landscape water systems.  The following recommendations can help ensure you avoid these problems:

  • Remove garden hoses from outside faucets and install an insulated cover on faucets.  This will help minimize the chance of domestic lines freezing and rupturing.
  • Ensure foundation vent covers are closed and insulated.  This helps prevent piping under the house from freezing and rupturing.
  • If you have installed heat tapes on exposed water pipes, check to be sure they are working.
  • In extreme freezing conditions it is advisable to leave a faucet dripping and cupboards under the sink open overnight to ensure pipes do not freeze.
  • Never attempt to thaw your meter or backflow device. If you believe itr is frozen please contact Avion and we will address the problem.
  • If you suspect you have a leak in your meter or backflow device box, contact Avion before calling a plumber.
  • Look for your main shut-off valve, usually located where the water pipe enters the house.  If you do not have a main shut off valve, install one in case of emergency.
  • Blowout sprinkler systems.  For best results, we offer the following recommendations:
    1. Use only properly trained, licensed professional landscapers for sprinkler blowouts. 
    2. The maximum air pressure used for blowouts should be 30-40 psi.
    3. Do not connect the compressor upstream of the backflow prevention device, or to any part of the backflow prevention device.  This is never allowed and violators will be held liable for any damages.
    4. Do install a capped pipe for sprinkler blowouts downstream of the backflow prevention device, and in a place that can be isolated from your house.
    5. Do not blow out more than one zone at a time.
    6. The homeowner must ensure that the person doing the blowout uses the proper valves.