Information on Arnold Irrigation
served by Avion Water

Note from Jason 08/10/2022:

Week of Aug 7th – 13th


Extended Hours: 9am-5am (20 hours of watering, unchanged).


Please honor alternate day watering and coordinate with your neighbors to spread out the hours of use. We need your cooperation to make this work.


We have one more inter-tie to complete but it will take us 5-6 days to finish. In the meantime please email, text, or call me with information on how your irrigation water pressure is. I need the feedback to correlate with our field measurements. I will try and update this section every Wednesday or when there is significant information to pass on.

Thanks – Jason Wick



1. Arrowhead 

7/25/22 - off for season




2. Somerset 

7/25/22 - off for season